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Please join me for my next free live webinar or check out my professional development webinar product packs! This year I’ve planned a series of webinars on the topic, “Interactive Teaching Made Easy,” and I’m excited to have the opportunity to share some of my favorite teaching strategies with you.

Teaching interactively is at the heart of effective instruction, but those methods can often seem like a lot of work to plan and implement. In this series, I’m sharing easy strategies you can implement right away to boost both engagement AND achievement. Sign up for Candler’s Classroom Connections to be sure you are notified about all new webinars and featured replays.


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How to Teach Kids to Love Poetry (Even If You Don’t)

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April is Poetry Month, so it’s the perfect time to teach your students about poetry. After implementing these strategies, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your students are able to read, write, and understand poetry… and even more surprised to discover how much your students come to love poetry, too! Most of the activities were designed for upper elementary students, but many can be adapted for younger or older students. Even if you haven’t enjoyed teaching poetry in the past, you might find yourself looking forward to your next poetry unit! The live webinar is over; click HERE for the replay!

How to Teach Kids to Love Poetry (Even If You Don't) - Free Webinar from Laura Candler

Math Problem Solving: Mindsets Matter Click here for the replay!

Most students dread math word problems, and this mindset causes them to give up on problems they might be able to solve with a little effort and persistence. In this webinar, dove into the most recent research and best practices for helping kids develop a mathematical mindset. To see exactly what you can expect from this webinar, download the free webinar note-taking pages from my TpT store.

Math Problem Solving: Mindsets Matter

Powerful Strategies for Building Math Vocabulary

Powerful Strategies for
Building Math Vocabulary

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Understanding math vocabulary is critical to the conceptual development of almost every mathematical concept, but it can be difficult to find time to teach vocabulary in an already packed math curriculum. Fortunately, there are many easy yet powerful ways to integrate math vocabulary instruction into your existing lessons, and most of them are so engaging that your students won’t even know they’re learning!


DonorsChoose: A Jackpot of Classroom Funding

DonorsChoose: A Jackpot
of Classroom Funding

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Do you regularly spend your own money on classroom supplies or materials for special activities? If so, watch this free webinar presented by Laura Candler and Francie Kugelman to learn how you can hit the DonorsChoose jackpot!! is a non-profit organization that helps public school teachers in the US get needed classroom resources. Webinar attendees will learn about the types of services and materials they can request and how to write effective project proposals. They’ll also learn tips and tricks to increase the odds that their project proposals are funded.

Power Up Learning with Task Cards

Power Up Learning with Task Cards

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Do you have task cards gathering dust in your classroom? If so, you need to watch this webinar! Rachel Lynette and I explained how to use those task cards to “power up” the learning process. We also shared strategies for differentiation, using them with games, and much more! Whether you already love task cards or you’ve never used them before, you’re sure to get plenty out of this session. We shared loads of time-saving strategies, tips, and freebies to make task cards easy, effective, and FUN!





Professional Development Webinar Packs

Each webinar pack below includes a professional development certificate, a PDF version of the PowerPoint slides, access to an online video replay, access to a downloadable video, and the webinar handouts. All of these webinars are also in my growing webinar bundle, Interactive Teaching Made Easy.

How to Launch a Super School Year PD Certificate

Professional Development Certificate Info

A professional development certificate similar to this one is included with each of the products above. While I don’t have the authority to award PD credit for watching the webinar, your school or district might accept the certificate on the right along with copies of your webinar notes. It’s worth a try, and even if you don’t get credit, you can keep those documents on file as a part of your teaching portfolio.


Webinar FAQs


Interactive Teaching Made Easy - Free webinar series from Laura Candler. Register from this page.How are your new webinars different from your old ones?

All of my live webinars now take place on GoToWebinar. Participants can see and hear the presentation, but they don’t have microphone privileges. During the live session they will be able to ask me questions and type comments which will only be seen by me and my webinar assistant. Unlike Blackboard Collaborate where I taught my webinars previously, GotoWebinar does not have a “chat” area where attendees can see what everyone is typing. However, the audio and video quality is much better in GoToWebinar.


Do you record your live webinars? How can I view the replays?

Yes, I do record my live webinars. The replays are free to watch online, but they don’t include professional development certificates or any of the extra features included in my webinar products. My webinar packs and bundles include downloadable webinar videos for offline viewing, PDF versions of the slides, and a professional development certificate.


I registered for a webinar but I didn’t get the login link! What do I do?

When you register for a webinar, you’ll receive two emails. One has the log in link for the webinar, and the other has a link to the webinar handouts. If you don’t see those email in a few minutes, check all of your inbox folders and tabs. If you still can’t find them, sign up again to be sure you didn’t enter your email incorrectly, or sign up with a different email address.


Professional Development Certificates for Laura Candler's WebinarsWhere can I find PD certificates for these webinars?

Professional development certificates are only available with the purchase of a webinar product. This policy is a recent change, so please be aware of this when you watch my webinar replays. In some of them, I mention being able to get a free PD certificate but this is no longer true. As I record new webinars, I will explain my new policy during each live session. This change is one of several that I’ve made recently due to the high cost of creating and producing my webinars. The webinars are free to watch, but any additional supporting resources like the PD certificate and the PDF webinar slide handouts are only included in the products.


Laura Candler's Free Webinars

What happened to the old webinars that used to be on this page?

I moved all of the webinars that were recorded before March 2016 over to a private Webinar Archives page for subscribers of Candler’s Classroom Connections. The audio and video quality is not nearly as good as my recent webinars, but they do have a lot of useful information and strategies. I’m planning to revise and update some of the presentations, and the replay versions will be removed from that page when present them again in a live webinar. If you’d like to watch any of my older webinars, sign up for my email newsletter and follow the links in the welcome message to that page.