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Welcome to the new Teaching Resources website! My blog and website used to reside on two separate domains, and I’m excited that they’re finally together on one mobile-friendly platform! However, the site just went live this morning and it looks like there are quite a few bugs to be worked out, so please be patient during the transition. Many of these issues couldn’t be detected until the site went live, and  we’re working hard behind the scenes to correct these errors as we find them.  I feel confident that after everything is working properly, it will be easier than ever to navigate LauraCandler.com to find your favorite teaching resources!

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Laura is the owner of Teaching Resources and a former 5th grade teacher from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Laura was a classroom teacher for 30 years, and she now spends her time creating books and resources for elementary educators. While Laura was teaching, she was the recipient of the prestigious Milken Family Foundation Educator Award, and she received National Board Certification as a Middle Childhood Generalist. She has presented educational workshops online and around the country for over 20 years She’s the author of 10 books for teachers as well as over 100 digital resources.