Sneak a Peek with Video Previews

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth at least ten thousand! Maybe that’s why TpT authors are being encouraged to create short video previews for their products. TpT video previews are under two minutes long, which is just enough time to give busy teachers a sneak peek into products they want to learn more about.

I always upload thumbnail images and full PDF previews for my products because I want teachers to know exactly what they’re getting. But I’m beginning to see that video is a much more effective format. You can learn so much more about a product and how it’s used when you watch a short video than you would from scrolling through dozens of images and product preview pages.

How will you know if a TpT product has a video preview? It’s easy! Just look for a black and white video icon in the second thumbnail box under the product as shown for Factor Race below. Hover over it, and click the play button when the video appears. After you watch the video, you can view the thumbnail images and download the PDF preview to learn more.

Sneak a Peek with These Video Previews

I’ve only created two video previews so far, but I’m hoping to create many more in the future. You can watch these two on TpT by clicking over to the Factor Race Game and Seek & Spell Challenge Bundle pages. Or you can click the embedded videos below and watch them right on this page.

Factor Race Game Video Preview

Seek & Spell Challenge Video Preview


Do You Think Video Previews are Helpful?

If you do purchase a product that has a video preview, I’d love to know if the video helped you make your decision. Videos are more time-consuming to make than thumbnail images and PDF previews, but I’m happy to create previews in all three formats if they’re helpful.

If you’d like me to create video previews of other products in my store, comment on this post and let me know which products interest you and what you’ll like to see in those videos. Thanks for your feedback!