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Roll-N-Bump Task Card Game is an exciting partner game that can be used as a review activity in any subject area. To customize the game, just add your own task cards with questions or problems related to your curriculum. You’ll only have to print the game materials once, and you can use them throughout the year simply by changing the task cards. Roll-N-Bump can be used in a whole group or small group setting with students working in pairs, and the game also works great in a learning center.

Roll-N-Bump includes teacher directions, student directions, materials lists, two game boards, and cards with six different variations of the game. Both color and black and white versions of the game materials are included with your purchase. However, task cards are not included with this game because it’s designed to be used with task cards you already have on hand. If you need task cards for this game, click the Task Cards category link to find ready-to-use task cards and games that include task cards.

Although Roll-N-Bump can be used in any subject area and is not meant to be a math game, it does have the added benefit of fostering math fact fluency in a fun way! After players correctly answer a question or solve a problem, they roll two dice. Depending on the game, players add or multiply the numbers and cover the sum or product on the game board with a colored game marker. If their opponent has already placed a colored marker on that number, the player may bump it and cover the number with one of their own!

Task Card Bump Game Variations
There are two slightly different versions of Task Card Bump, Roll-N-Bump and Spin-N-Bump, and both are included in the Games for Task Cards Bundle. Roll-N-Bump is easier students only have to know the math facts from 1 to 6 to play the game. To play Spin-N-Bump, students need to know the sums or products of the numbers from 4 to 9 which makes Spin-N-Bump more challenging.

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