Customary Measurement Conversions


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Customary Measurement Conversions is a huge collection of 70 pages teaching resources to review and assess customary measurement units and conversions. You’ll find math center games, measurement task cards, cooperative learning activities, printables, word problems, and tests.

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Customary Measurement Conversions is aligned with CCSS 4.MD.1, 4.MD.2, and 5.MD.1. However, the activities can also be used for students in middle school who need extra review and practice with measurement. Math tutors would find this resource particularly useful. You can preview the entire product by clicking the “Download Preview“.

What’s Included in Customary Measurement Conversions
Part 1. Reviewing Measurement Units
Basic Measurement Teaching Tips
Basic Measurement Units Test
Basic Measurement Units Retest
Gallon Robot Overview
Basic Units Chart
Basic Units Foldable
Measurement Memory Directions
Matching Customary Units
Matching Customary Abbreviations
Math Showdown Directions
Basic Measurement Task Cards
Monster Math Mix Up

Part 2. Fourth Grade Printables
Fourth Grade Teaching Strategies
Conversion Tables
Customary Conversions Practice
Customary Conversions Task Cards
Measurement Word Problems
Customary Conversions Test
Customary Conversions Retest

Part 3. Fifth Grade Printables
Fifth Grade Teaching Strategies
Customary Conversions Task Cards
Customary Conversions Practice
Measurement Word Problems
Customary Conversions Test
Customary Conversions Retest