Bingo Showdown


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Bingo Showdown is an exciting review game that’s easy to customize for almost any grade level or subject area by adding your own task cards. So you only need to print and prepare the game materials once, and then you can use them over and over throughout the year! Bingo Showdown can be used during whole group instruction, small group instruction, in cooperative learning teams, or in learning centers. Bingo Showdown includes 30 unique Bingo boards numbered 1 – 24, whole class directions, small group directions, and Bingo Leader role cards.

Where to Find Task Cards for this Game
Bingo Showdown does NOT include task cards because it was designed to be customized with task cards you already own or that you create yourself. If you need task cards for this game, click the Task Cards category link to find ready-to-use task cards and games that include task cards.

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