Laura Candler’s Geometry File Cabinet

Laura Candler’s Geometry File Cabinet page is where you’ll find great resources for teaching geometry including printables and interactive website. Many of the printables on this page are free, and do not come with directions or answer keys. However, all geometry products featured on this page do have directions and answer keys if appropriate.

Featured Geometry Articles

  • Teaching Tricky Trapezoids: Inclusive Vs. Exclusive Definitions

    Do you teach quadrilateral classification? If so, did you know there are THREE ways to define a trapezoid? Americans use either the inclusive or the exclusive definition depending on their curriculum. To complicate matters even more, teachers who live outside the…
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  • Solving Unknown Perimeter Mysteries

    Mystery Perimeters Freebie Lesson
    Perimeter is a pretty simple concept to grasp, but finding unknown sides of irregular polygons can be challenging for kids. Solving these types of problems requires the ability to think logically and somewhat abstractly.
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Featured Geometry Freebies

Pirate-themed Island Conquer Freebie for Candler’s Classroom Connections subscribers!

Island Conquer Freebie


Free Printables and Lessons for Geometry

Easy tangram challenges for kids (Free)

Geometry Products from Laura Candler

Featured Math Products


  • Capture the Decimals Game
  • I'm the Greatest
  • Place Value Partners Game
  • Bingo Decimal Showdown


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