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Math Problem Solving: Mindsets Matter

Do your students hate problem solving? Unfortunately, most kids dread math word problems, and this mindset causes them to give up on problems
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Powerful Strategies for Building Math Vocabulary

Discover ready-to-use activities and games to boost knowledge of math concepts and vocabulary

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  • Math Stations in Action

    What exactly is a math station? I used to envision them as elaborate “centers” around the room where students would go to play games…
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  • Making The Most Of Math Homework

    Is homework effective? Educators seem to be evenly split on this question. Some insist that…
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  • Tips for Teaching with Math Games

    Who doesn’t love a game? In the math classroom, games offer an engaging alternative to worksheets…
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  • Sweet Statistics: Jelly Bean Data Analysis

    Do jelly bean math activities have a place in the upper elementary classroom? If you think they’re…
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  • Winning A Million – Math Lessons And More!

    What would you do if you won a million dollars? The NC Education Lottery offers winners a choice…
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  • Classify It! Exploring Quadrilaterals

    Quadrilaterals are so tricky! Think about it … all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares?
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