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Interactive Whiteboards and Web Tools


Interactive whiteboards are more than just glorified overhead projectors - the interactive tools allow teachers to create lessons that actively engage students in creative ways. They also allow us to use a variety of interactive web 2.0 tools with our students in a way that allows all students to participate actively.

I hope to add more items to this page throughout the year - great links to other websites and my favorite Smartboard files. For now, it's a somewhat random listing of files that I've either created ordiscovered on the Internet.

BrainPOP Free VideosCool Websites and Applications for Any Computer

Free - 5 Amazing Web Tools Webinar RecordingWebinar Recording: 5 Amazing Web Tools for Classroom Collaboration

Click below to watch the recording of a webinar hosted by Laura Candler featuring five terrific educators and their favorite web tools. Presenters include Joan Young, Paula Naugle, Erin Klein, Suzy Brooks, and Lisa Dabbs.

The version on this page is an Mp4 version that can be viewed on a mobile device or on your computer. To see other options for viewing the webinar or reading the chat log, scroll down below this video.


More Amazing Web Tools Webinar Resources

Web Tools LiveBinder

Interactive Fraction AppInteractive Fractions Program

Check out this amazing free program from British Government's Department for Children Schools and Families! You can download the "exe" Interactive Fraction bar program and also a video that teaches you how to use the application:


Polygon Explorations for the SmartboardSmartboard Notebook 10 Files

Mini Pack: Polygon Explorations for the Smartboard

Over 2 dozen pages of patterns, printables, and teaching strategies to supplement any geometry unit. The Smartboard version includes a unique gallery of all 30 "Poly Shapes" used in the activities.

Click through to the Polygon Explorations Mini Pack page to learn more and preview the materials online.


Note: The files below require Smartboard Notebook 10. A free trial of that program can be downloaded from www.smarttech.com. Some of the activities have directions, but you'll have to figure out the others on your own. :-) You may be able to open them with other types of interactive whiteboard software, but I can't guarantee that the features will remain the same.

Attention Firefox users! Right click on each file name below to download the file and open it using your Notebook 10 software. Otherwise, you'll just see gibberish!



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