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Laura Candler's Online Math File Cabinet

Laura Candler's Math File Cabinet


Free Math Printables for Grades 3 - 6

In the online math file folders below, you'll find dozens of free printables and other resources that I created for my own upper elementary classroom. Be sure to check out my free webinars for teachers, starting with Powerful Strategies for Building Math Vocabulary. Enjoy! ~ Laura




Math Problem Solving: Mindsets Matter Webinar Click here for the replay!

Most students dread math word problems, and this mindset causes them to give up on problems they might be able to solve with a little effort and persistence. In this webinar, I'll share some awesome tools and strategies for fostering a positive attitude towards problem solving. I'll also dive into the most recent research and best practices for helping kids develop a mathematical mindset. To see exactly what you can expect from this webinar, download the free webinar note-taking pages from my TpT store.

Math Problem Solving: Mindsets Matter


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