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Laura Candler's Geometry Resources

Laura Candler's Geometry
File Cabinet


Laura Candler's Geometry File Cabinet page is where you'll find great resources for teaching geometry including printables and interactive website. Many of the printables on this page are free, and do not come with directions or answer keys. However, all geometry products featured on this page do have directions and answer keys if appropriate.




Featured Geometry Freebies

Area and Perimeter Word Problems
Pondering Polygons freebie from Laura Candler's Geometry File Cabinet
Congruent Coloring
Partner Angle Measuring Activity
Mystery Perimeters Freebie
Island Conquer Game


Easy tangram challenges for kids (Free) Free Printables and Lessons for Geometry


Geometry Products from Laura Candler

Exploring Perimeter
Classify It! Exploring Quadrilaterals
Polygon Explorations
Area and Perimeter Task Cards
Geometry - Exploring the Basics by Laura Candler
Area and Perimeter Tic Tac Toss
Geometry Websites and Interactive Programs - Great for the Smartboard!




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