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Math Stations for Middle Grades



Excellent Resource for Grades 3 - 8!
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Math Stations for Middle GradesPurchasing a School Site License

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Why Math Stations in the Middle Grades?

Differentiation is the buzz word in education these days, but the challenge is finding the time to plan and prepare activities that meet the needs of all of our students. Students in the middle grades (3- 8) need differentiation as much as primary grade students, but figuring out how to differentiate can be a daunting task. Adding math stations to your instructional program can be an effective way of meeting diverse needs and finding the time to work with small groups of students on targeted skills.

What is a Math Station?

The term "math station" can be a little misleading because it implies that a specific game or activity takes place in a certain location in the room. We envision elaborate "centers" around the room where students go to complete activities and tasks. Who has time to create those cute little centers? And even if we had the time, what middle grades teacher has enough room to set up all those centers?! For the purposes of this book, the term "math station" refers to a set of directions and materials that students can take to any location in the room to complete. They can even complete the activities at their own desks!

Sample Pages from Math Stations for Middle Grades

Math Stations Sample Pages

What are some activities for Math Stations?

Math Stations for Middle Grades includes over 2 dozen math games and activities in a variety of math content areas. You'll also find blank blackline masters for game cards. However, if you would like even more activities, including the directions, printables, and answer keys, you may find my Math Mini Packs to be helpful.

Who Can use this Power Pack?

Teachers in all grade levels can use math stations, but this ebook will most benefit teachers in Grades 3 through 8. Not every activity will work for all students because of the diverse span of abilities across these middle grades. However, the packet includes lots of blank templates for you to create your own math content to go with almost any game or activity. (Note: The templates that are in the PDF version cannot be modified. If you have Microsoft Publisher on your computer, you can purchase Publisher templates to customize.)

What You'll Find in this Power Pack

Digital Books vs. Print Books

Have you started purchasing other digital content? If not, I think you'll like the advantages of the digital format. First of all, having a digital book means less paper is wasted unless you print out the entire book. Personally, I would recommend you scroll through the document and just print the pages you need. Also, you never have to take that whole book to the copier to make copies for your class! Just print copies of the page you want and you are ready to go. You can rearrange the pages to fit your needs, and you can make hard copies of the activities you like and file them with your other teaching resources on that topic. Finally, you'll never misplace it as long as you create a folder on your desktop for your downloads. Why not make a folder called Laura's Power Packs and save your Power Packs right into that folder?

Note: The Power Pack is in PDF format and is not able to be modified in any way. If you want to change it, you'll have to use the trick every teacher knows - cut and paste! However, if you have Microsoft Publisher on your computer, you can purchase the version below that comes with customizable templates.

Math Stations for Middle Grades Templates ($3.00)

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  MS Publisher Templates

Microsoft Publisher Templates for Math Stations for Middle Grades 


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