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Laura Candler's Common Core Math Resources

Laura Candler's Common Core
Math Resources        


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Lately teachers have been seeking Common Core resources for their classrooms, so I created this page to gather all my CCSS resources in one place. Each product or freebie shown below is aligned with one or more Common Core Standards. You can see the specific standard numbers for each item by clicking the cover image and visiting my TpT store to download a complete preview.

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To see the specific standard numbers for each item, clicking the cover image
to visit my TpT store where you can download a complete preview.


Mastering Math Facts
Mastering Math Facts Multiplication and Division: Aligned with the Common Core

This 208-page book describes a coomplete system for 100% mastery of multiplication concepts and facts. The book includes all the printables, assessments, and activity pages needed to fully implement the program.
Print and ebook available .... Click to learn more!


  Division Task Cards Fractions of Whole Numbers

Exploring Perimeter
Place Value Partners Polygon Explorations


Customary Measurement Conversions
Gallon Robot to the Rescue Customary Measurement Combo

Monster Math Mix-up: Telling Time
Polygon Explorations Telling Time / Elapsed Time Combot


Order of Operations Level 1
Order of Operations Bingo Level 2 Order of Operations Bingo Levels 1 and 2


Geometry: Exploring the Basics
Place Value Review Games Fraction Review Games


I'm the Greatest (Comparing Numbers)
Island Conquer Freebie for Area and Perimeter Factor Race Game Freebie


Amazing Angles
Pumpkin Pie Fraction Mix Up Bingo Decimal Place Value Revies

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