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Candler's 3-5 Teacher Connection

Upper Elementary Teacher Connection

Free Facebook group hosted and moderated by Laura Candler



Thanks for your interest in the Upper Elementary Teacher Connection! Before you request membership in this private Facebook group, please read the information below and review the group guidelines at the end of this page. I look forward to connecting with you in the group! ~ Laura Candler


What is the Upper Elementary Teacher Connection?

The Upper Elementary Teacher Connection is a private Facebook group where teachers in grades 2 through 6 can connect and collaborate with each other to share their passion for teaching. A Facebook "group" is different from a Facebook page like Teaching Resources. Instead of "liking" them or following them, you join them and become a member of a community of people who can interact with each other.

In the Upper Elementary Teacher Connection, group members will be discussing active engagement teaching strategies, sharing innovative instructional approaches, helping each other find curriculum resources, giving feedback on lesson ideas, etc. Some of the topics we'll be discussing include:

Teaching can be frustrating, but the Upper Elementary Teacher Connection is not is it a place to vent about problems. Instead, it's a place where educators can challenge themselves and take their teaching to the next level! It's fine to share a difficult situation and ask for advice about how to handle it, but phrase your request in a way that shows you aren't just complaining, you're looking for ideas and solutions.

This group is not open to teachers who create and sell teaching resources. If you are a TpT seller and you'd like a complete explanation of this policy, click here.


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Application form for the Upper Elementary Teacher Connection

How to Join the Upper Elementary Teacher Connection

To apply for membership, please complete BOTH steps.

  1. First, fill out the online Google Doc application form.
  2. Next, click over to the Upper Elementary Teacher Connection Facebook group and click the JOIN button at the top.

I read all applications before adding anyone, so it might be a few days before you're added. Be patient with me, please!


Upper Elementary Teacher Connection Guidelines




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