MI Theory, Mindset, and Motivation Webinar Free Replay

This webinar replay consists of two one-hour videos created from a single webinar.

Part One – Introduction and MI Theory


Part Two – Growth Mindset and Conclusion

MI Theory, Mindset, and Motivation Webinar Handouts

You can download free handouts for this webinar from my TpT store. Keep those pages handy during the webinar so you can jot down important tips, strategies, and resources shared during the presentation.


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Professional Development Certificate Info

Professional development certificates are not included with free live webinars and replays, but they are included in my webinar products and bundles. I don’t have the authority to award PD credit for watching the webinar, but your school or district might accept the webinar PD certificate along with copies of your webinar notes. It’s worth a try, and even if you don’t get credit, you can keep those documents on file as a part of your teaching portfolio.