Weathering and Erosion Task Cards


Total Pages: 24 task cards and 24 images
File Size: 30 MB



Weathering, Erosion, or Deposition Task Cards includes a total of 24 printable task cards and 24 task card images with examples of how weathering, erosion, and deposition are involved in changing the earth’s landforms. These task cards can be used for active engagement cooperative learning games, independent practice, or whole-class review. Both color and black and white versions of the printable task cards are included. The product also includes a teachers’ guide with tips for using the task cards for review activities and formative assessment.The task card images can be used with the free online Plickers program, and this product includes a tutorial explaining how to get started using task cards with Plickers.

How to Create Digital Decks of Task Cards

You can easily create digital decks of task cards from the image files included in this product. Simply upload the entire Task Card Images folder to your Google Drive or Dropbox and open the folder on a mobile device. Students can use the digital task cards the same way they would use a deck of paper task cards, but instead of turning over the top card, they will tap the screen to show the next image.

Includes Two Editable Google Classroom Ready Quizzes

This product also includes two editable self-grading quizzes that were created from the Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition task card images. Both quizzes can be used with Google Classroom, but they can also be administered online outside of Google Classroom. After you save a copy of each quiz to a folder in your Google Drive, you’ll be able to edit it to change its name, add or remove questions, and change the point values for each question.

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