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Looking for an engaging math center game for telling time? Monster Math Mix-up: Telling Time is a fun way for students to practice telling time to the nearest 5 minutes or to the nearest minute. During the game, players earn puzzle pieces for correctly reading and recording the times shown on the clock task cards and attempt to be the first to assemble a complete monster puzzle.

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The telling time game is easy to differentiate because it includes two levels of task card. Set A requires accuracy to the nearest 5 minutes. Set B task cards show clock hands on exact minutes and can be used to tell time to the nearest minute. Set B can also be used for rounding times to the nearest 5 minutes.

❤️Classroom Tested and Kid Approved! ❤️

Kids love to play Monster Math Mix-Up, and teachers say it helps them learn to tell time! What more could you ask?

❤️Tracy M shared this feedback,”My 2nd grade students loved playing this game! They picked it every time they had free choice. :)”

❤️Sarah H wrote, “My kiddos routinely “check out” this resource to bring home to play with families. I think it has single handedly motivated one of my kiddos to tell time this year. Thank you!

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