Seasonal Mystery Words Set 4


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Seasonal Mystery Words is a collection of word work printables and digital Google Classroom resources for 12 different “mystery words” are related to seasons or holidays. Each printable comes in 3 different formats for a total of 36 pages. The product also includes a chart listing all 12 mystery words, and space is provided for recording the dates you use them.

Seasonal Mystery Words is the 4th set of Mystery Words included in the Seek & Spell Challenge Word Work Bundle, and I’ve also added it as a free bonus to my Seasonal Mini Pack Bundle.

Seasonal Mystery Words was designed to be used with the Seek & Spell Challenge program, but these printables can be used with almost any word work program. The complete Seek & Spell Challenge bundle also includes a teacher’s guide, scoring rubrics, two more sets of mystery words, and editable templates to create your own printables.

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