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Customary Measurement Conversions Task Cards Level 2 includes 32 multiple choice task cards that can be used to review, practice, or assess your students’ skill with converting among different-sized units within the customary measurement system. The first 24 task cards are designed for practicing simple conversions between units, and the remaining task cards have measurement conversion word problems. This product also includes 10 bonus task cards which can be used to assess knowledge of the basic units of length, weight, and liquid volume. Recording forms and answer keys are included, too, as well as color and black & white versions of the task cards.

Customary Measurement Conversions Task Cards Level 2 includes two types of task cards: printable PDF task cards in both black & white and color, and high quality, color images of the task cards that you can display digitally or upload to programs like Plickers or Kahoot.

There are two levels of task cards, each sold separately. The task cards in this product, Level 2, are aligned with the 5th grade Common Core Standard 5.MD.A.1. The task cards in Level 1 are aligned with the 4th grade standard 4.MD.A.1 and 4.MD.A.2. The task cards don’t include a reference to these grade levels or standards, so you can also use them for reviewing measurement with older students. Please click the Preview link above and look closely at the task cards in this product to be sure they are the right level for your students.

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These customary measurement task cards can be used by students working alone, with partners, in teams, in math centers, or in small guided math groups. The task cards are also perfect for whole group formative assessment activities. You have several options for using the multiple choice cards during whole group instruction. If you print the cards, you can display them with a document camera and have your students respond on dry erase boards. If you prefer not to print them, you can use the task card images included with this product for “paperless” assessment by projecting them onto a screen. You can also use the task card images with the free Plickers program as described in the tutorial included with this product.

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