Measurement Task Cards Level 1 (Digital)


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Customary Measurement Conversions Level 1 Digital Task Cards includes 32 digital task cards you can use to review the skill of converting customary units of measurement. This set of task cards includes 24 simple customary measurement conversion problems plus 12  measurement word problems.

There are two levels of task cards, sold separately, and they’re color-coded to make it easy to tell them apart if you use both levels in the same classroom. The blue Level 1 task cards in this product are aligned with the 4th grade CCSS, and the focus is on converting measurements in a larger unit to a smaller unit. The orange Level 2 task cards are aligned with the 5th grade CCSS and include problems in which a smaller unit of measurement is converted to a larger unit.

In addition to the task card images, this resource includes two ready-to-use Google Slides presentations that were created with those images. One presentation has self-checking answers and the other has the task cards without answers. Click to try a sample of the interactive, self-checking Google Slides presentation.

Both Google Slides presentations can be assigned in Google Classroom, but Google Classroom is not required. Two printable cards with QR codes are provided to give your students a quick and easy way to access the digital task cards.

These digital task cards can be used by students working alone, with partners, in teams, in math centers, or in small guided math groups. They’re also perfect for whole group formative assessment.

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