Math Word Problems Bundle


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The Math Problem Solving Mega Bundle includes all 4 American versions of the Daily Math Puzzler books (A-D) and both of the International versions (A and B). Each Daily Math Puzzler product includes a folder of editable PowerPoint documents to create your own word problems and to customize your record-keeping forms. This bundle also includes the Math Problem Solving: Mindsets Matter Professional Development Webinar and Math Mindset Challenges Editable Multi-step Word Problems.

Awesome Results in 15 Minutes a Day!

What if you could significantly improve your students’ problem-solving abilities in just 15 minutes a day? What if your students actually began to look forward to those 15 minutes of problem-solving and even asked you for MORE????

No need to wonder . . . Daily Math Puzzlers is that program! These math problems were field-tested by dozens of teachers all over the world, and their kids were actually asking for more! The program helped students develop confidence in their problem-solving abilities. As a teacher, you’ll enjoy the step-by-step instructions for reviewing calculator skills, teaching problem-solving steps and strategies, and providing a variety of challenging and engaging math problems.

Math Problem Solving Bundle Products
⭐ Math Mindset Challenges: Multi-step Editable Word Problems
⭐ Math Problem Solving: Mindsets Matter Webinar PD Pack
⭐ Daily Math Puzzlers Level A with Webinar
⭐ Daily Math Puzzlers Level B with Webinar
⭐ Daily Math Puzzlers Level C with Webinar
⭐ Daily Math Puzzlers Level D with Webinar
⭐ Daily Math Puzzlers Level A with Webinar (International Version)
⭐ Daily Math Puzzlers Level B with Webinar (International Version)