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In Math Problem Solving: Mindsets Matter, Laura Candler shares engaging strategies to help students overcome math anxiety and develop a growth mindset toward problem solving. She also shares the research regarding 6 commonly-held beliefs about math, and the implications of that research for mathematics instruction. You’ll learn specific cooperative learning strategies to boost math achievement in ALL students, including IPC Problem Solving and Share-Share-Compare. After watching the webinar, you’ll be able to access math printables, join Math Mindset Connections, a Facebook group for educators, find links to math mindset websites, and discover other time-saving teaching resources. You’ll find both inspiration and practical strategies in this fast-paced, motivational webinar! To get a sneak peek at the webinar content, download the Math Problem Solving Webinar Note-taking Handout!

Where to Find the Webinar Video Replay and Resources
After you purchase this product, open the “Quick Start Guide” which has a link to a private webpage with webinar recording to watch online, a downloadable video you can watch offline, and an audio Mp3 if you’d like to listen to the presentation. That page also includes links to helpful printables, a printable PDF of the webinar slides, the webinar note-taking outline, and a professional development certificate.

Here’s What Webinar Attendees Had To Say….
Here are just a few of the more than 40 comments about Math Problem Solving: Mindsets Matter on the Teaching Resources Facebook page.

• Thank you! I LOVE the Share Share Compare. I can’t wait to try that. I also love the activity about crumpling the paper and connecting the lines. I always tell my students that their brains have come to the math gym to work out and get stronger and the more they try the stronger they’ll get! Can’t wait to check out the other resources and websites! ~ Cassandra Bedtelyon

• Thank you for another great webinar! I attended your growth mindset webinar earlier in the year and this is a great extension. I cannot wait to implement the Share, Share, Compare strategy tomorrow as they are still struggling with the partial products/area model concept of multiplication. I use the whiteboards all the time so adding this component will be easy…getting them to explain to each other their thinking might be a different, but interesting story! ~ Suzanne Puglisi

• I will be implementing your Share-Share-Compare strategy Tuesday morning! I love your idea of having them turn their solution upside down to listen and ask questions about their partner’s work – and then taking their turn to share & explain. This will help me to facilitate better math discussion/learning in our classroom! I am so excited to stumble unto this resource, and look forward to learning more! ~ Cristie Skelton

• The webinar was excellent! Ever since I read Mathematical Mindsets this past summer, I have been hoping to get in touch with other people about this. Thank you for the sites that will link us to rich mathematical tasks. I plan on using the IPC strategy with my 5th grade students. I can’t wait to watch the video that you’ll link with the Daily Problem Solving Puzzlers! You are presenting everything that I am needing as a math teacher!! Thank you, Laura Candler! ~ Rita Lot