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Laura Candler’s Math Games Mega Bundle includes 17 engaging math games that are appropriate for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students. Many of these games can be used in a whole group setting, with partners, in math centers, or in cooperative learning teams. Math games are extremely motivating for kids, and they also foster meaningful “math talk.” Math games are great for math test prep and can easily be incorporated into almost any math program.

Bonus Product! Powerful Strategies for Building Math Vocabulary PD Webinar

This bundle includes the Powerful Strategies for Building Math Vocabulary PD webinar as a bonus item. During this professional development webinar, I shared loads of ideas for using math games more effectively. The webinar includes a professional development certificate for 90 minutes of PD credit, too! (PD Credit is not guaranteed and is subject to the approval of your principal.)

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18 Products in this Bundle
Area and Perimeter Game with Task Cards and QR Codes
Elapsed Time Game with Editable Word Problem Task Cards
Comparing Decimals Game and Review | Comparing and Ordering Decimals
Factor Race Game with Finding Factors Lesson (includes QR Codes)
Pizza Fractions Mix Up Comparing Fractions Activity
Classifying Quadrilaterals | Sorting Activities, Games, Printables, and Quiz
Decimals Place Value Bingo Math Game
Fraction Spinner Games with Fraction Review Task Cards
Comparing Numbers Game (I’m the Greatest)
Telling Time Game for Nearest Minute and Nearest 5 Minutes
Math Vocabulary Activities | Mystery Number Detectives Game & Task Cards
Order of Operations Game | Math Bingo | Level 1
Order of Operations Game | Math Bingo | Level 2
Place Value Game
Place Value Spinner Math Games with Task Cards
Comparing Fractions Activity: Pumpkin Pie Fraction Mix Up (3rd and 4th Grade)
Simplifying Fractions Game with Task Cards and QR Codes
Island Conquer Area and Perimeter Game (Free)