Area and Perimeter Task Cards (Metric)


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Area and Perimeter Task Cards (Metric Version) includes 30 different task cards with a variety of polygons including triangles, quadrilaterals, and irregular polygons that can be divided into triangles and rectangles. The dimensions of the polygons are written in metric units with whole numbers and decimals (no fractions). These cards are quite challenging, so please preview this set carefully before purchasing!

More 6th Grade Area and Perimeter Task Cards
This set is almost identical to my first set of 6th grade cards, Area and Perimeter Task Cards (Common Core Version); however the other set includes customary measurement units and fractions. If you have already purchased area and perimeter task cards from me, you would have purchased that set.

The Area and Perimeter Task Card packet also includes two types of recording forms, and answers that can be printed on the backs of the cards. The materials are available in both black and white and color. These cards can be used with a variety of active engagement learning games for partners or teams, in math centers, or even with a whole-class review.

Check Out This Area and Perimeter Partner Game!
These Area and Perimeter Task Cards work well with Area and Perimeter Tic-Tac-Toss, a partner game. The combo version includes all of the regular and advanced task cards (including them metric versions) as well as the game. Save when you purchase these items together.
Area & Perimeter Tic-Tac-Toss
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