Laura Candler’s Power Reading Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide

Power Reading Workshop

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Laura Candler’s Power Reading Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide is a resource for teachers who want to learn how to get reading workshop started quickly and easily. The book also includes information about how to differentiate instruction with a dozen “Power Reading Tools.” Take a peek at the 62-page preview version to see the table of contents and format. Power Reading Workshop is available in print or as an ebook, and the ebook version comes free with your print book purchase! One exciting feature of the ebook version is that it includes internal, clickable links marked in blue to help you navigate through the text. Scroll down the page to read more about the Power Reading Workshop program, or click one of the Buy Now links to purchase it today!

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Mastering Math Facts, Power Reading Workshop, and Graphic Organizers for Reading

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Power Reading Workshop can be purchased alone or in combination with any of my other books from Compass Publishing. Both print and digital versions are available. Click for ordering information.

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What’s Reading Workshop?

Reading Workshop is a method of instruction in which students choose their own books and confer with their teacher about what they are reading. Because this method is very flexible, it may also include other components such as small guided reading groups, written response, goal setting, and paired-reading.

How is Laura’s Candler’s Power Reading Workshop unique?

Help kids discover the joy in books by implementing the reading workshop model in your classroom!

Although teachers have been using the Reading Workshop approach successfully for years, until now there hasn’t been a step-by-step guide for implementing the strategies in the upper elementary classroom. Laura Candler’s Power Reading Workshop offers an easy classroom-tested method for using Reading Workshop in your own classroom. You’ll learn how to motivate readers by providing time for independent reading and reading conferences. As a result, your students will learn to love reading, and you’ll improve reading test scores at the same time! In addition, this book includes a dozen “Power Tools” that allow you to differentiate your reading instruction for all students. Preview it online.

These methods were field-tested and refined by dozens of teachers. You can read some of the their comments in the side bar, and a more complete list of success stories is available as a PDF.

Take a peek at this book trailer to hear from Laura why she created this program and how it’s working for other teachers.

What grade levels can use the materials?

The strategies have been thoroughly tested in grades 2 through 6 and will work well at those levels with little modification. Middle School and High School teachers may also be able to use the strategies, but they may need to modify them slightly for their students or their teaching situation. Preview the book online before purchasing it to see if it meets your needs.

Highlights of Laura Candler’s Power Reading Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide

Power Reading Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide by Laura Candler - Learn how easy it can be to implement reading workshop in your upper elementary classroom! Includes all the tools and resources you need!

  • Step-by-step directions for the first 10 days of Reading Workshop
  • How to upgrade your basic Reading Workshop to a Power Reading Workshop
  • How to differentiate reading instruction using the Reading Power Tools
  • A list of suggested books for reading mini lessons
  • Hints for organizing reading instruction
  • Tips for reading aloud to your students
  • Information about how to conduct reading conferences
  • Ready-to-print activity pages to make each step easy-to-implement
  • Customizable online forms
  • Special activities like Book Buzz and Magazine Power Hour
  • How to help students set appropriate reading goals
I’m ready to purchase! What are my options?

You have several options for purchasing Power Reading Workshop. If you order a single copy for one classroom, you’ll receive the downloadable PDF right away and the print version in a week to 10 days. To use the book with a school or district,multiple copy discounts are available. The digital version is also available as a site license for schools and it can be viewed on any computer as well as downloaded to a Kindle, iPad, Nook, or other eReader or mobile device.

Single Classroom Purchases:

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Guaranteed Results

If you are not happy with your purchase of Laura Candler’s Power Reading Workshop, just send an email to the publisher at to let him know why you are not satisfied. He’ll provide you with directions for returning the book and you’ll receive a full refund when the book is received. I can make this guarantee because I’m that sure you’ll find these reading instruction strategies to be extremely effective with your students. I used this method in my own classroom and saw a dramatic difference in student attitudes and a huge boost in reading achievement. Reading workshop really works!


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