Teaching Resources for February

February Fun Activities Freebie

FREE February Activities Pack


February fun for upper elementary students! This 27-page freebie includes lessons and activities for Valentine’s Day, International Friendship Month, Black History Month and Presidents’ Day, and more!

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Valentine Hearts Data AnalysisFree February Activities and Printables

Penguin Fractions Make Fractions Fun!

Penguin Fraction activities make learning fractions easy and fun! The lessons are based on a set of unique activity cards that have penguin fractions in number form on one side and the corresponding fraction bars on the other. You’ll find engaging lessons with step-by-step directions, partner games, math center activities, task cards, and tests. Download this clickable guide to learn more.

Free Guide to Penguin Fractions

Icy Road Investigation Hands-on Science Activity

Head over to my blog to read about this fun, hands-on, winter science lesson!

Seasonal Activities Mini Packs


Seasonal activities add a bit of fun to your math, literacy, science, and social studies curriculum! Purchase all seven Seasonal Activity Packs for one low price and get the Mystery Seasonal Words as a free bonus!