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Laura Candler’s Math Problem Solving page is where you’ll find great resources for teaching problem solving as well as a variety of math problem activity pages. Be sure to watch the free webinar recording, Math Problem Solving: Mindsets Matter!Many of the items on this page are free and do not come with directions. For complete problem solving lessons, check out the Daily Math Puzzlers, a series of four leveled books that include information on how to teach problem solving as well as mixed-problem activity pages for students.

Featured Math Articles

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    Why do so many students struggle with math word problems? Maybe they just don’t know where to begin and get overwhelmed at the thought of tackling math problems.
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  • Math Problem Solving: Knowing Where To Begin

    Teaching kids to how to solve math problems is a huge challenge, but often the biggest challenge is knowing where to begin instruction.
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  • Math Mindsets Matter: How Can Teachers Foster A Growth Mindset In Math?

    Oh no! I’ve tumbled down into the rabbit hole of growth mindset research, never to be seen again!
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  • 6 Reasons To Teach Calculator Skills

    When North Carolina first began to allow calculators on state tests, many elementary teachers (including me) were shocked! What?
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  • 8 Strategies To Motivate Kids To Love Problem Solving

    Students often fear math, and are especially intimidated by problem solving. These feelings prevent them from being able to relax, think clearly
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Free Daily Math Puzzler Sample Pages

Each of the pages below is a free sample from one of the Daily Math Puzzler ebooks.

Daily Math Puzzlers Level A
Daily Math Puzzlers Level B Sample
Daily Math Puzzlers Level C
Daily Math Puzzlers Level D Sample

Links to Free Problem Solving StrategiesMusic-Mix-Math

Problem Solving

Free Problem Solving Assessment ebook

Use the simple pretests in this ebook to learn how skilled your students are at solving problems and where to start them in the Daily Math Puzzler program. Even if you don’t use the Daily Math Puzzler program, you’ll gain valuable insights as to HOW your students attack word problems and solve them. Click the link or cover image to sign up for this free set of leveled problem solving assessments. After you submit your requests, go to you inbox and look for the email with the freebie. You’ll see links to the American version shown here and the International version.


Math Mindset Challenges: Editable Multi-step Word Problems

Math Mindset Challenges


Recharge & Write Problem Solving Strategy (Video Clip)

Recharge & Write is a terrific cooperative learning strategy that gets kids talking about math problems but holds them accountable for understanding how to solve each problem. I recorded a short video to explain how it works, and I provided even more detail my blog post, How to Recharge Mathematical Thinking.




Weekly Math Challenge Freebies

If you’re looking for the Weekly Math Challenge printables shown below, they’re free for my newsletter subscribers. To find them, sign up for Candler’s Classroom Connections and follow the links to the Best Freebies page. You can find many more problems like this in the Math Mindset Challenges collection!


Weekly Math Challenge 1
Weekly Math Challenge 2
Weekly Math Challenge #3
Weekly Math Challenge #4

Math Problem Solving: Mindsets Matter Webinar

If you miss the live webinar, you can sign up for a replay from the webinar registration page.

Math Problem Solving: Mindset Matters

Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice

Standards for Mathematical PracticesThe Common Core State Standards include eight mathematical practices that should be included as a regular part of math instruction. I created the chart shown on the right that you can use as you plan instruction to ensure that you are meeting these standards throughout the week.

What to do the standards mean?

The NC Department of Public instruction has created a set of documents for grade level called “Unpacking the Standards.” These documents are a goldmine of information and strategies for teachers! One extremely helpful part of each document is the chart of Mathematical Practices that specifies how those standards look at that particular grade level. The Standards for Mathematical Practice can be found near the beginning of each document below:

Featured Math Products

  • Capture the Decimals Game
  • I'm the Greatest
  • Place Value Partners Game
  • Bingo Decimal Showdown