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How to Earn 10,000 Scholastic Bonus Points (or More!)

Did you know that Scholastic offers a fabulous back-to-school deal that makes it possible to get thousands of bonus points with your  

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Book Donation Bonanza: Free PD Books for Schools!

The publishing world keeps changing, and sometimes those changes happen so fast we don’t see them coming. That’s exactly what happened to  

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Child-Centered Reading Conferences

by Carolyn Wilhelm, Guest Blogger

Oh, the joy of a really great novel with just enough suspense that the reader can barely put  

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The Great Chicago Fire: Free Upper Elementary Resources

“Late one night, when we were all in bed,
Old Mother Leary left a lantern in the shed,
And when the cow kicked it over,
she winked her eye and said,
‘There’ll be a HOT time
on the old town tonight.’

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Getting Started with Classroom Book Clubs

Have you considered implementing Literature Circles in your classroom, but you didn’t because you weren’t sure how to get started? Or maybe  

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How to Track Oral Reading Fluency

Fluent readers not only sound more expressive when they read aloud, but they also comprehend the text far better than those who are not as fluent. That makes perfect sense when you consider how  

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5 Reader’s Theater Myths Debunked (and Tips to Make it Work in YOUR Class!)

Guest post by Sarah Wiggins

I first heard about reader’s theater in college and thought, “How fun! I will definitely do that when I have a class of my own.” When I did get my  

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20 Reading Skills to Teach with The Name Jar

Guest post by Shawna Devoe
My name is Shawna and I am the author of The Picture Book Teacher’s Edition blog. I believe that every book offers opportunities to compare, connect, infer, question, and  

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How to Cure the Classroom Library Blues

Advice from Real Teachers Series

Are you feeling the classroom library blues? Whether you have a huge book collection or you’re just getting started, the cure is finding a checkout system that works for you.  

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12 Ways to Motivate Reluctant Readers

I think I must have been born with a book in my hand! My parents told me that from the moment I learned to read, I would read everything in sight, from cereal boxes  

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Literature Circles – Common Core Aligned & Fun!

Motivate Kids to Love Reading!

It’s February, and your students are tired of the same old routines in reading. They’re ready for a change, and you are, too. But if you teach in a Common  

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Book Character Day – Fun and Educational!

Is there a school district anywhere that still allows traditional Halloween activities? Most elementary students love to dress up on Halloween, but many schools no longer allow Halloween parties and activities. However, there’s fun  

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