Caring Classrooms Back to School Bonanza Contest

The Caring Classrooms Community on is kicking off the new school year by hosting a one-day Back to School Bonanza contest on August 13th! As it turns out, this is a great day for a contest because the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are adding a 50% boost to all donations made on August 13th! For example, if you donate $2, they will add $1 for a total donation of $3. If you donate $6, they will add $3, for a total donation of $9.

We’ve also learned that, at least for the time being, you can double your donations if you enter the matching code THRIVE when you donate!

We’re excited to host our contest in conjunction with these match offers because they will boost our members’ chances of getting their projects fully funded at the beginning of the school year!

Back to School Bonanza Contest Prizes

  • Spots on our Giving Page – At least four winners will be selected to have an eligible project featured on the Caring Classrooms Giving Page
  • $25 DC Donations – Three winners will each receive a $25 donation to a project of their choice.
  • $25 TpT Gift CardOne winner will receive a $25 TpT Gift Card.

How to Enter the Back to School Bonanza Contest

On August 13th or 14th, donate $2, $4, or $6 to at least one project on the Caring Classrooms giving page.  Please enter the matching code THRIVE when you donate because your donations will be doubled! 

After you donate, follow the directions below to fill out the Rafflecopter entry form at the bottom of this page. Each option is worth a different number of points (or entries), with a maximum of 8 points possible for those who donate at least $6 to projects on the Caring Classrooms giving page.

  1. Complete the donation entries that together match your TOTAL donation amount. If you donated $2, complete the $2 entry option. If you donated $4, complete the $4 entry option. If you donated $6, complete BOTH the $2 and the $4 entry options.
  2. Promote the Contest (Bonus #1 Entry). Earn a bonus entry when you help spread the word about the contest! Share it on Facebook, post it on Instagram, pin this contest page, email your friends, or promote it in another way.
  3. Choose Your Prize (Bonus #2 Entry). Be sure to fill out this part of the entry form to tell us whether you want your project added to our giving page, a $25 DC donation, or a $25 TpT gift card if you win. Before submitting your project URL, please read the eligibility guidelines below.

How Winners Are Selected and Announced

  • When the giving page is down to 2 projects, we’ll turn on the Rafflecopter to select winners randomly from eligible entries.
  • We’ll announce winners’ names on the Caring Classrooms Facebook Page as they are selected and their donations are confirmed.

Eligibility Requirements for Winners’ Projects

In order for a winner’s project to be added to the Caring Classrooms giving page, it must need less than $300 to complete the funding (not including any matches), and it must have at least 30 days left before it expires. However, we might make an exception for a project that has fewer days remaining if it’s almost fully funded. If you select a spot on the giving page as your prize and your project is not eligible, we’ll contact you if one of the other prizes is still available.


If you still have questions about this contest, click over to the Caring Classrooms Facebook Community. Find any post about the contest, and ask your question in a comment on that post. We are here to help!

Rafflecopter Entry Form

You may choose more than one option below depending on the actions you take. A $2 minimum donation is required before entering the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway