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Pat CalfeeGetting Started with
Power Reading Workshop

Presented by
Pat Calfee

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2-5 Teachers

Time: 8:30 to 4:00

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Session Highlights

  • Discover how to start a basic reading workshop program in your own classroom with easy, step-by-step lesson plans for the first 10 days.
  • Explore strategies for conducting effective individual reading conferences.  
  • Learn how to add reading "Power Tools" to the basic program to differentiate reading instruction for all students.
  • Discover how to create terrific reading lessons with graphic organizers and how to chunk long lessons into effective mini-lessons
  • Learn how and when to incorporate flexible guided reading groups into reading workshop.
  • Experience first-hand the reading strategies presented in the book, and learn the management strategies to make them work in your classroom
  • Walk away with activities you can implement the next day to motivate and inspire your students!

Registration Includes

  • Attendance certificate and an agenda showing 6 hours of instructional time to use for CEU or professional learning credits (Check your district policy in advance to be sure this workshop is eligible for credit.)
  • Packet of workshop handouts to supplement the Power Reading Workshop book


Empower Your Students with a Passion for Reading!

Imagine a classroom where students love to read and beg for more reading time, where they grab every available chair or pillow and dive into a good book when reading time begins. Implement a power reading workshop in your classroom and watch the magic unfold!

This 6-hour professional development session is based on Laura Candler's book, Power Reading Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide. Each participant will receive a personal copy of the book along with a set of handouts and printables to supplement the text. The session is designed for teachers who have little or no prior experience with reading workshop, but others who are already using reading workshop will find it helpful as well. Throughout the day you'll experience Power Reading Workshop in action for yourself as you explore the strategies and activities outlined in the book. We'll also explore how to reading mini lessons using graphic organizers. By the end of the day, you'll know how to empower your own students with a life-long love of reading!

Watch this short book trailer to hear why Laura wrote Power Reading Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide and what the program is all about.



During this session, you will learn...

Power Reading Workshop

Teachers who implemented the Power Reading Workshop program write...

"Laura, I just heard something today that made my YEAR! One of my administrators asked the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) teacher what in the world I was doing with reading. My reading scores had soared and even my ESE kid’s scores went up by 1 – 1 ½ years. The most important part is that my students loved it and truly love reading. Thank you again for Reading Workshop! After my first year of using it I feel like I can do even more with it next year. I’d love to get the rest of my school on board with the program!"
~ Linda Schuman, Grade 4/5 Inclusion , West Palm Beach, FL

“As more and more research proves, reading just-right books is an important part of creating successful lifelong readers. Laura Candler has written a detailed guide for how to begin a Reading Workshop approach in the classroom. Her publication gives detailed suggestions of how to get started with Reading Workshop, and great literature to use in the classroom to teach strategies for comprehension of text. I love all of the simple forms she includes to accompany the program and the easy to implement approach to using the program in my classroom. Students enjoy an active role in every part of the program. Her suggestions for guided reading groups and mini lessons are creative and easily adaptable. This is an amazing resource!”
~ Kristi Swartz, Loveland, OH

“I have to admit I was hesitant to begin using Reading Workshop. I teach ELL and have many struggling readers. How could these kids who need intensive decoding and comprehension help improve with just prolonged reading? Most kids who struggle with reading don't want to read and find ways to distract themselves during reading time. Even with these reservations, I began using your strategies last year. I saw a gain not only in my student's reading abilities but also their love for reading. Hooked, I began this school year with Reading Workshop. My students moan when we do not do Reading Workshop and cheer when I throw in extra time. It has taken some training, especially for the response notebooks and self-accountability. I have seen enormous growth in my students already this school year, hundreds of Lexile points in just four months. More importantly, they are hooked on literature. They connect across the curriculum and are aware of their own metacognition. I look forward to fine tuning my own spin on Reading Workshop for next year and lighting a fire for learning in another group of students.”
~ Rebecca Barta, Killeen, TX, 3rd grade ELL

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