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Mastering Math Facts

Reviews for Mastering Math Facts Multiplication and Division:
Aligned with the Common Core


Mastering Math Facts Multiplication and Division has been used in classrooms for over five years. Here's what teachers who've used the program have to say about it...


Immediately Effective

I bought Laura Candler’s Mastering Math Facts just a week ago and my kids are already starting to learn their multiplication facts! They are actually excited every day to take the quiz. So easy to get started in the classroom. Thank you for an awesome product!
— Elaine Laws, Kernersville, North Carolina, third grade teacher

Kids Love Watching Scoops Pile Up

I have used Mastering Math Facts with both fourth grade and fifth grade. It doesn’t matter how well they know their facts when we start. Everyone will learn them by
December. We do the daily drill using white boards and a weekly fact test on Fridays that’s random. My special education kids even joined our ice cream party. The kids loved watching their scoops pile up. Absolutely a great resource that I use every year.
— Tisa Fischer, Bakersfield, California, fifth grade teacher

Promotes Individual Confidence and Teamwork

This is a wonderful tool to engage students in mastering their facts without having anyone feel negatively about themselves or their lack of progress in competing against other students. Students work at beating their own goals each time and then encourage each other to attain their class goal for each multiplication fact. It has promoted individual confidence and team work in my class. Thank you for this universal tool.
— Natalie Alaniz, San Antonio, Texas, third grade teacher

Aligned to Common Core Standards

My school bought Mastering Math Facts for all the teachers. Not only are the games easy to play and for kids to understand, but it aligned perfectly to the third grade Common Core essential standards for North Carolina!
— Dara Platon, Pittsboro, North Carolina, third grade teacher

Time-saving Tool for Tutors

As a tutor, I see everyday how not knowing your math facts can hold you back from learning new concepts. I gave this program a try and loved the quality work inside. The games have been so much fun and my students request them again and again. It’s also saved me mountains of prep time.
— Adrianne Meldrum, Meridian, Idaho, tutor

Easiest Way to Teach Multiplication

This was, by far, the easiest way to teach multiplication I’ve ever used. I found the results to be fantastic, and I will certainly use it again next year. This was the first year that my students learned their multiplication facts to 12 by December! My class got really motivated by the ice cream scoops and resulting ice cream sundae party. But, more than that, they were really proud every time they earned a scoop. The students had nothing but positive comments, with most of them saying, “Now I get it!”
— Sharon Manka, Plumas Lake, California, Third grade teacher

Mastering Math Facts Engages Students

I have used Mastering Math Facts with my 3rd grade students for the last few years. The introduction to multilication and division is excellent, the students have a great understanding of both concepts after they have completed these activities. The games are outstanding and really engage the student while they are practicing their facts.
- Wendi Moorman, St. Henry, Ohio, Grade 3-5 Accelerated Math Teacher

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