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Classroom Book Publishing

Free Publishing with Studentreasures

Have you heard of Studentreasures Publishing? It's a company that will publish your students writing for free!

Below you can see a book that my 5th graders did a few years ago called Candler's Field Guide to Wacky Animals. It was an exciting project, and it didn't cost me a penny! My students felt such pride when they saw their work in print!

Free Class Book Program Information Wacky Animals Book

What I loved about the project is that students could showcase their own work and end up with a keepsake that their families will treasure forever. Parents are able to order copies for themselves and other family members which keeps the project free for the teacher.

Simple Steps to Classroom Book Publishing Webinar

I love sharing about this terrific project, so I set up this webpage to encourage others to participate. I also presented a webinar on March 6th called Simple Steps to Classroom Book Publishing that gives you step-by-step directions about how to sign up for a free kit and implement the project. You have two options for viewing the recording:

  1. MP4 Version Below - You can view the MP4 version below on your computer or a mobile device. You can open the webinar full screen to be able to view it more easily, but the chat test is still very small, blurry, and difficult to read.
  2. WebEx Recording - If you want to read the questions and answers posted in the chat area, you'll need to watch the full recording in the WebEx application. However, you won't be able to watch this version on a mobile device. Click this Simple Steps to Classroom Publishing WebEx link to get started.


StoryboardFree Storyboard Graphic Organizers

Are you already participating in a Studentreasures Project? If so, you may enjoy using one of the storyboards that I created to help you organize your student pages. I'm a visual person, and something like this helps me see the big picture. Choose the appropriate storyboard depending on whether the whole class is creating one book or each student is creating his or her own book.

Note: If you have no idea what to do with these storyboards, please sign up for the webinar because I'll explain it all in a step-by-step manner. I'll have several other teachers with me and we are looking forward to a great session!




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