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Language Arts Freebies and Resources from Laura Candler

Language Arts Teaching Resources


The Language Arts Teaching Resources page includes a selection of task cards, printables, and activities that I developed for my classroom. Many of these resources were designed to be used in cooperative learning groups. In most cases, the free resources do not include directions and answer keys. If you are interested in complete, time-saving resources that do include directions and answer keys, check out the featured Language Arts products on this page.

Looking for poetry resources? Visit the Poetry Page for books, lesson ideas and printables!


Featured Language Arts Freebies

Quotation Mark Showdown Task Cards (free)
Dialogue License Freebie
Verb Race Game Freebie


Grammar Practice Printable
Dictionary Word Sort Game Board
Dictionary Word Sort Task Cards


Featured Language Arts Products from Laura Candler

Plural Noun Showdown
Plural or Possessive? Task Cards and More!
Plural or Singular Possessive Noun Printables
Sentence Go Round
Plural or Singular Possessive Noun Printables
Sentence Go Round


Subject and Predicate Task CardsLanguage Arts Printables and Lesson Ideas


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