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Pat CalfeeThe Dynamic Duo:
Boosting Math Achievement
for All Learners

Presented by Pat Calfee

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Grade K-5 Teachers

Time: 8:30 to 4:00
Date: None scheduled

Dynamic Duo Workshop Highlights

  • Discover the power of the Mathematics Dynamic Duo:
    Mastery Learning and Cooperative Problem Solving
  • Learn how to effectively target math content and problem solving standards
  • Explore research-based strategies to engage all learners and boost math achievement
  • Experience hands-on activities and learn the management strategies to make them work in your own classroom
  • Find out how to use formative assessment to differentiate math instruction and ensure success for all students
  • Walk away with load of activities you can implement the next day
  • Discover innovative approaches to teaching basic skills AND higher level thinking

Registration Includes

  • Attendance certificate and an agenda showing 6 hours of instructional time to use for CEU or professional learning credits (Check your district policy in advance to be sure this workshop is eligible for credit.)
  • Large 3-ring binder with over 100 of workshop handouts and printables jam-packed with differentiated teaching ideas and activities

Make Every Math Moment Count

How can you ensure that every math lesson "packs a punch"? Attend this workshop and discover the "dynamic duo" of math instruction: Mastery Learning and Cooperative Problem Solving. Educators who attend this seminar will discover the secrets of the Mastery Learning model, a simple but powerful method that ensures success for all learners. Participants will experience the excitement of cooperative problem solving and will learn how to incorporate these methods on daily basis. Using fun, hands-on activities, Pat will share practical, easy-to-use strategies to use with any math curriculum, strategies that will boost math achievement for all students!

Math Fun AND Math Achievement

Fraction ShowdownDid you know that it's possible to use fun, engaging math strategies and still ensure that all students are learning? Would you like to supplement your math text with an effective, proven program to ensure that your students make adequate growth on the state math test? Skip the test practice booklets and replace them with engaging lessons. You'll be able to see the excitement of kids exploring higher level math concepts in your class!

If you are ready to take your math instruction to the next level, the Dynamic Duo workshop is for you! You'll transform your classroom into an exciting community of mathematics learners, differentiating instruction to meet their needs.

Dynamic Duo Workshop Content

Dynamic Duo Math Workshop

About Mastery Learning...

"Just a couple of months ago I began teaching math using Mastery Learning. The results have been terrific. I really feel like I'm meeting the needs of all of my students. My local benchmark test scores have gone up, and I'm teaching the best math I've ever taught!"
~ Tammy Meagher, 4th grade teacher

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