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Gallon Robot to the Rescue:

Relating Customary Capacity Units to Fractions

Gallon Robot to the Rescue
CCSS Math Standards 4.MD.A.1 and 5.MD.A.1

This 50-page ebook is a comprehensive resource for teaching customary units of capacity. Includes teaching activities, center games, directions, and answers. Use the links below to preview this product or to add it to your TpT cart.

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Customary Capacity Made Easy

Customary capacity is one of the most difficult concepts to teach, and it's equally challenging for kids to learn. Unlike the Metric System, our system is not based on rhyme or reason! Why are there 8 ounces in a cup and 16 cups in a gallon? Because it's so confusing, students need a visual aid to help them remember the basic units and how to convert them. Never fear - it's Gallon Robot to the rescue! If you aren't familiar with this visual aid, read below to find out how it works. If you already know about Gallon Robot and want to find out what's in this ebook, skip the next paragraph and take a peek inside!

Gallon RobotHow Gallon Robot Works

Gallon Robot has appeared in many forms over the years. I’ve seen it referred to as Mr. Gallon, Gallon Man, and Gallon Gal. No matter what it’s called, it’s a visual aid to help students remember the relative sizes and relationships between the customary capacity units. Basically, each part of Gallon Robot represents one unit of capacity. Gallon Robot’s body represents one whole gallon. Since there are four quarts to a gallon, each of the upper arm and upper leg segments represents one quart. Because there are two pints to each quart, there are two lower arm and lower leg sections attached to each quart piece. Finally, there are two cups to each pint, so each hand is made of four cups. If you want to teach your students about ounces, you can use the pattern on page 14, which has each cup marked off into eight ounces.

The lessons in this book help you demonstrate the fractional relationships between these units. Doing so helps reinforce fraction concepts as well as units of customary capacity.

Another reason this system is so effective is that students can relate the pattern pieces to their own corresponding body parts to help them remember which piece represents each unit. It's perfect for kinesthetic learners!

Take a Peek Inside

Why not take a look at what Gallon Robot to the Rescue includes? The image below is a collection of snapshots of some of the activities and printables in this ebook. You can also preview the entire book online before you purchase it.

Gallon Robot to the Rescue

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Gallon Robot to the RescueWhat You'll Find in Gallon Robot to the Rescue


Gallon Robot to the Rescue
Customary Conversions Combo

CCSS Math Standards 4.MD.A.1 and 5.MD.A.1

This set includes both Customary Measurement Conversions and Gallon Robot to the Rescue. Save when you buy both books together. You may preview them using the links above or click the Buy Now link to add this product to your TpT shopping cart.
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